Bye Bye Litter’s 12 Step Instructions on How to Toilet Train Your Cat

  1. Place the litter box next to the toilet you are going to use to toilet train your cat


  1. After a week, remove the form, clean the floor so that there are no scents of waste.


  1. Place the form between the toilet seat and the porcelain rim of the toilet. Keep the seat down and the lid up.


  1. If you are planning to use an automatic flusher , do not use until your cat has been completely toilet trained for a minimum of two weeks


  1. After the form is in place, fill with a heavy clay litter. This should stretch the form and when the cat steps on the litter, you pet will experience a secure feeling. Keep in mind that our goal is to get your pet to sit on the toilet seat or toilet rim.


  1. Using the bag of enticing herbs (cat nip) open the bag, place the open bag in front of the cats nose, then carefully carry your cat to the bathroom.


  1. Sprinkle the herbs on the litter while gently setting the pet on the litter. Then leave the cat and shut the bathroom door, in a few minutes your cat should have used his new litter. Most cats will meow when they are finished.


  1. Make sure the bathroom door is always open and the wasted matter is always removed from the litter in the tray.


  1. After this the cat should begin to sit on the toilet seat or rim of the toilet. When this is discovered, this is the time to begin removing a ring every few days.


  1. Regular kit users will need to cut out a ring ever few days. If your cat regresses, we have included a regressive form so you can retrain your cat. If you have a deluxe version simply change to the form with the next largest opening every few days.


  1. After you have removed the last ring, you should now have a totally toilet trained cat.

Remember if you need an additional regressive form. They are free, & can be ordered from our website, just pay S&H.


  1. Place your cat’s name on the diploma and have a party to celebrate your pet’s achievement. Please visit and upload a picture of your pet and your story.