There are 10 steps. Every 3-days move to the next step. After 30-days, you will have a totally toilet-trained cat! The fast method is changing each step every 2 or even every day. If transferring your cat waste eliminating behavior you choose to use the accelerated method, & your pet regresses, simply go back to the last step or even to the beginning and restart the last step or restart training. Toilet train a smart cat in 10-days to 2 weeks and a dumb cat in 4-weeks. Upload photo, stories & videos, at get a free framed diploma.

After 3-days take small tray #1 and set it in the lower level support tray. Leave it there until day-18 then continue with top level progression.

Leave small tray #1 in the lower level support tray until day-18. This will be 3 days after you have completed progressing through trays #1 through large support tray #5 on the top level.

Then continue the progression on the top level by placing tray #2 in the large support tray.

3-days later or day six, replace tray #2 with tray #3. Some cats need less time between tray changes. you need to be the judge. If your cat regresses just go back to the last step.

OK, your cat has progressed to the last upper-level step. This is why the large support tray is tray #5. It has the last section for the upper level. Congratulations, you are half way there. After 3 days remove & go to lower level.

Day-9 or 3-days later replace tray #3 with the last small tray, tray #4.

lower level.
OK. We are halfway there. Leave small tray #1 in the lower level support tray for 3-more days or until day-18 of the transfer. Then remove & replace with tray #3

This is the first time your cat us seeing te water. He or she should be toilet trained by now and the final stage are for reinforcement. Again in 3-days remove tray #2 and replace with tray #3

Tray #4 is the last small tray. Leave it in place for 3-more days. Then remove and you will be left with the lower level support tray or tray #6, shown to the right. In 3-days remove this tray.

You are now the owner of a totally toilet trained cat.
Break out a can of tuna and celebrate!
Place name of cat on the enclosed diploma or upload video, pictures or stories and receive a free framed embossed diploma.Upload at: